The Marmalade Mama


What makes us different from other jam makers?

Well how many flavors of marmalade can you find in the grocery store, most stores carry only one and that is the standard Orange Marmalade. We now have ten flavors in production.  We make our marmalade in small batches to maintain the terrific flavorss. We also make our marmalades with 25% less sugar so you can really taste the fruit used in the marmalade.

What makes a marmalade different then a jam? Marmalade has the rind of the citrus used as part of the main ingredient of the jam, which adds a different texture and flavor that is missing in a regular jam.

While I was making jam one year, I found a recipe for Strawberry Marmalade, I made it and it was too sweet, so I modified the recipe and started to create more recipes and the Marmalade Mama was born. All our recipes have a fresh and flavorful taste almost like biting into the fresh fruit.

Our flavors are:

Blueberry Grapefruit Marmalade 8.2 oz – A unique blend of flavors and absolutely delicious

Cranberry Mandarin Orange Marmalade 8.2 oz – A delightful cranberry orange flavor with a hint of ginger and cloves. Wonderful on turkey sandwiches.

Ginger Pear Marmalade 8.2 oz – It is light pear and lemon with the tang of ginger. Terrific.

Habanero Mandarin Orange Marmalade 8.2 oz -This is the hottest flavor so far! You will taste the orange first then the perfect amount of heat. Great on cream cheese and crackers.

Jalapeno Lime Marmalade 8.2oz – This is great on cream cheese or as a marinade for seafood.

Lemon Basil Garlic Grilling Marmalade 8.2 oz – For garlic lovers, it is a unique blend and perfect on seafood, chicken and pork.

Lemon Lime Marmalade 8.2 oz -You can definitely taste the lime, it’s tart and refreshing.

Raspberry Orange Chipotle Grilling Marmalade 8.2 oz -This specifically enhances all meats and seafoods with a little kick.

Simply Lemon Marmalade 8.2 oz – Is for those who love the taste of lemon, tart and simply terrific

Simply Mandarin Orange 8.2 oz – Is my answer to orange marmalade. It’s just like eating an orange, kind of sweet and tart together.



We will be perfecting new flavors periodically. So keep checking the web site for the introduction of new flavors.